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  • CANGHAI Waste Paper Baler Machine(Waste Discharge System)

    亲朋个人中心砸金蛋canghai waste paper baler machine(waste discharge system) type cross arm type(to save space) delivery size 2.6*1.6*0.9m voltage 3 phase 380v 50hz bundle weight max. 200kgs power 10kw 50hz package bundle size 1100*750*(500-1000) machine size 1200*900*2600 oil pump high pressure gear pump, pressure 40t safe set when open the door switch chain automatic overturn bag with bag steel wire front door with stong steel pillar pressing oil cylinder double ,600kn open door set electric speed 8-10 package/hour function waste paper ,cotton, plastic, sponge spare part oil seal, relay switch, trip switch, fuse machine weight 1.7t

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