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  • How to make carton box VI : The detection of corrugated cardboard

    corrugated paper is the main material for the manufacture of various cartons and packaging, and its quality and strength will directly affect the effect of carton packaging. the requirements for the quality and strength of corrugated paper are subject to the influence and limitations of the production process and operation, and on the other hand, the requirements for the products to be packaged and the intended use. sampling is the first step in the accurate measurement of corrugated board. sampling should maximize the characteristics of this batch of board, but sampling should be as small as possible. the humidity and temperature of the air have a great influence on the physical properties of paper and paperboard. it is necessary to do proper humidity control before measurement (the north may need humidification treatment, while the south may need to be drained, and the seasons are treated differently. the way is different.)…

    Industries News, News, Uncategorized October 10, 2018
  • How to make carton box Ⅳ : Know about corrugated cardboard

    in the corrugated packaging industry, it is necessary to know the relevant knowledge of corrugated paper. although many bosses have made cartons for ten or twenty years, if you ask him the most commonly used a, b, c, e, the standard height of the four types of pits (also called leng shape), the main uses and differences what is it, i believe that there are not a few who can’t answer. there are many different packaging and transportation methods, such as wooden boxes, iron cans, plastics, etc., and corrugated boxes can be more and more widely used, because of its low cost, light weight and multi-purpose characteristics. make the transportation and sales of products easier. the use of corrugated boxes has many advantages: the style, shape and design of the carton make the product package full of vitality and personality, and the products of the same package are faster and…

    Industries News, News October 9, 2018
  • How to make carton box Ⅲ : Responsibilities of order supervisor

    亲朋个人中心砸金蛋the newly opened carton factory, in the clear, mainly what kind of product packaging, renting or building a factory, loading the machine, production supervisors and operators in place, can basically choose a good day to start working. but why do you specifically talk about the problem with the order? the friend’s factory, with the single clerk suddenly had something to take time off, and did not do the job handover. the company had a smooth operation, and the customer rushed, the new order was unquoted, and the order was not purchased in time. the workshop does not know which customer’s order to make priority. the friend is constantly on the phone and is overwhelmed. the importance of the documentary is visible. generally speaking, the order of the carton factory is like a transportation hub. there is a problem in this link. the foreign customers do not know whether the order…

    Industries News, News October 9, 2018
  • How to make carton box Ⅱ : How to choose a factory

    亲朋个人中心砸金蛋  before saying the choice of the factory, let me explain one point. which kind of carton is not contradictory to the choice of the factory building, can be carried out simultaneously. but yin and yang feng shui, how to ask for the public and the gods, do not have to ask me, because i do not understand. which type of carton is used mainly depends on where its core resources are. when choosing a plant, pay attention to the following points: 1. generally speaking, it is reasonable to radiate within the range of 50-100 km, which is convenient for transportation and service. after all, the current road conditions are still very good. doing this in taobao can ignore this, the courier company will help you solve it. 2. the area of ​​the factory: for the carton factory that entered the industry for the first time, the monthly turnover of…

    Industries News, News October 9, 2018
  • How to make carton box Ⅰ : Classification of carton packaging

    carton packaging is the last stop for the completion of the product. it is relatively low-end in the manufacturing industry. correspondingly, because the technical content is not high, the threshold for entry is low, but for some high-end high-tech products, because of the brand the value factor is still very high on the content to be presented and the physical indicators in all aspects. this is a follow-up, and now it is only for entrepreneurs who have just entered the business. “there is a specialization in the industry.” the industry is different and the requirements are different. if you let a person who is a plane rocket to make a carton, he can’t do it. it doesn’t matter what you do, earning money is the core of business, right? so how do you enter the packaging industry for entrepreneurs or practitioners who have just started to make cardboard boxes? the…

    Industries News, News October 9, 2018

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